We provides world class education and training in the application of long range shooting. We help clients understand what the bullet does down range and various ways to manipulate its trajectory to hit your target. Our training is specifically designed for each individual shooter and their equipment that attends our classes. You will be a much safer range user after any of our classes. No formal qualification is given through any of the training conducted by Northern Accuracy. We look forward to working with you.

s2nd commando regiment sniper in Afghanistan


We are a veteran owned and operated Australian business. You will be taught how to set up all your shooting equipment correctly and by individuals with real-world long range firing experience. Our staff have conducted operations and training all over the world with, and beside Special Forces units from other western nations.

Practices and information taught within our classes are to the highest standard available within the Australian market.

an image of the weapon employment zone (WEZ) from applied ballistics


Our classes are specifically designed so that a novice shooter, with limited experience and exposure to a shooting environment, can confidently set up all their equipment to become a more optimal and safer shooter to yourself and those around you. You must have a valid weapon licence and bring your own rifle to attend our training.





What experience level do I need to take one of your classes?

None for any of our classes. Our Long Range classes are perfect for students with limited to no shooting experience. We will teach you good habits from the start of your shooting journey. Some prior shooting experience is recommended, but not essential for our classes. Our instructors will gauge each student on how well they are progressing thought training and will up the challenge for the students with more experience as the classes go on.

How big are the class sizes?

Each class is maxed out at 10 students.
Classroom: Instructor to Student ratio: 1 : 10
Range: Instructor to Student ratio: 1 : 5

I don't live in Queensland.... Can I attend one of your classes?

Yes, we have students all the time from other states attend a classes. It is your responsibility to make sure any rifles that you bring to QLD into class comply with QLD Weapon Licencing Legislation.

What calibre rifle is recommended for the classes?

What ever rifle you have, we will tailor your class for that platform. It is recommended that centrefire rifles are brought to our classes and not rimfires.

What scopes are recommended for your classes?

It is recommended for any of our classes; an optic/scope (>12x) is needed to get the most out of the training. We recommended for any long range shooting a quality optic is attached to your rifle platform (generally $1500+) with a first focal plan (FFP) reticle. You need to be able to see what your bullet does down range to learn and have the most fun.

I'm not confident that my rifle is set up correctly for the class; is there time to check this?

We walk you through how to properly set up you, your rifle, and all your equipment for long range shooting. We help you conduct a proper zero on your rifle and test your equipment so you understand its limitations.

What ammunition is recommended?

Boxed ammo or self reloaded ammo. It is recommended that the ammo you use in class; is your primary ammo used out in the field or regularly on the range. You will capture an incredible amount of data on your rifle platform and ammo within all the training we conduct in our classes. It is not optimal to bring ammo to our classes, that you will not fire again on your own.


MILS is the preferred angle/adjustments but it does not matter. If you work in MOA or work in MILS; the training is tailored to both.

Are Ballistic Solvers needed?

Yes, ballistic solvers are needed and a key part of the class content and training objectives within all of our classes. We recommend any form of ballistic solver with the Applied Ballistics software installed. A Kestrel 5700 with Applied Ballistics is the golden solution for our classes. Bare minimum download the Applied Ballistic app from the various app stores and that will do the job as well. If using the Applied Ballistics app; t is highly recommended to purchase a custom drag model (CDM) within the app for the projectile you will be using in the class. The CDM will give the projectiles true drag curve/model and will eliminate the need to input and adjust the projectiles G1/G7 BC.

Are scope levels needed for your classes?

No, but scope levels are high recommended for any long range shooting. If you do not have a scope level, you will still get value out of all our classes. If you buy a scope level, you will be taught how to properly install it in class. Any scope level, no matter the brand is better than no scope level at all.

Do you provide meals in your classes?

We provide water, tea and coffee in the classroom, and BBQ dinners for our Long Range Shooting classes. You will have to bring any food and refreshments to the range that you would consume throughout the days training. More info on food is detailed in the joining instructions once you sign up for a class.

Do I need to pay upfront for your courses?

We require a 20% deposit to reserve your spot in the class you are interested in taking. The further 80% is required two weeks before your class starts. Further details are provided once your spot is reserved in the class.

What is your refund policy?

Let us know at least two-weeks out from your class starting. We can move you to another class if a spot is available, or, can give a full refund of your deposit already paid.

What is your "RESERVE" list?

We allocate 2 spots per class for class reserves. Anyone can register their interest in being on the reserve list for that class. If we have a cancellation, we will contact you at the earliest convenience and offer you that spot in the class.

Do I get a formal qualification from your training?

No formally recognised qualifications are given within any of our classes. The primary reason for all our training is to better educate you, the shooter, on how to opimal get the most out of your equipment on the range and making you a safer shooter to yourself and the people around you.

Do I need a weapons licence to take one of your classes?

Yes, all pers that attend our classes must have a valid weapons licence for the class of rifle they bring to class.


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